Add-On Services

Insomnia Conference Room

Our Conference Room has been equipped with the equipment and features of an executive conferencing space, but sometimes you need a few extras. With service options from espresso beverage services, catering for breakfast and lunch, a-la-carte beverage and food items, or the perfect gourmet snack board to steer clear of that afternoon slump, we want you to feel comfortable and focused on whatever tasks you have to face. Designed to transform your event into exactly what you envisioned and more, our add-on event services are the perfect way to make your meeting memorable + impactful. 


Beverage Service

Our beverage service gives your guests the experience of ordering a handcrafted beverage from our 3rd & Main espresso bar. When our beverage service is requested, your event facilitator will set out our Conference Room Drink Menus for your guest to order from in the Conference Room Space. When you're ready, the facilitator will take your beverage orders, make the drinks, and deliver hand-crafted drinks to each of your guests.


COntinental Breakfast

For breakfast, we are pleased to offer our house-made continental style breakfast. Featuring Insomnia's beloved freshly-made pastries + granola, our favorite breakfast also provides seasonal fresh fruit, yogurt + toppings such that your guests have the nourishment they need to start the day off right. For guests with dietary restrictions, gluten-free & vegetarian options are available upon request. 


Catered Lunch

Lunches at the Conference Room are catered by our friends + neighbors at Manaia Cafe + Grill, or by Abu Rasheed Mediterranean. With family recipes and close-to-home food, we love the fresh, delicious food our neighbors have to offer. For guests with dietary restrictions, gluten-free & vegetarian options are available upon request. 


Open (Espresso) Bar

If you'd prefer to let your guests go crazy with their caffeine, we can provide as much to drink as you need throughout your booking. Rather than waiting for your facilitator to bring drinks to the Conference Room, your guests can go up to the ordering counter in our downtown cafe and order exactly what they want off our menu. 

Gourmet Snack Boards

If you'd like a not-so-sweet way to add that extra boost to your afternoon brainstorm session, or want an extra special way to welcome guests to your event, our gourmet snack boards are absolutely perfect. With several options from charcuterie & fruit to seasonal veggies & fresh hummus, there's an option for every event!

A La Carte

Not seeing the exact food items you'd like? Want to have beverages other than coffee, tea or water served with your lunch, dinner, or snacks? We can provide a selection of house-made pastries, desserts, and treats upon request. Or we can set up our billed-on consumption beverage selection with your lunch, snacks, hors d'ovures, or dinner.


Dimmable lights. 

So every one of your colleagues can know just how fire your power point skills are.