Art for the sake of art. Coffee for the sake of coffee. 



At Insomnia Coffee, we are in the business of people. We make our best effort to create a unique place where customers can socialize with each other in a comfortable, relaxing and familiar environment while enjoying the best espresso, brewed coffee, looseleaf teas and pastries in town…seriously, we’ve searched and found! Insomnia Coffee helps our customers relieve their daily stresses by providing peace of mind through great ambiance, easy access location, friendly customer service, and products of consistently high quality. With convenient locations, Insomnia Coffee serves customers with pleasant, quick, clean service to send them on their way in a fantastic mood.

Our MISSION STATEMENT: Art for the sake of art. Coffee for the sake of coffee.

As we awake each morning, we count ourselves fortunate to be honored with the task of creating amazing beverages with phenomenal products. In a world where automated systems are replacing skilled artisans, we strive to perfect the craft of specialty coffee and savor each day with which we are blessed.


During the industrialization of America, an uprising of skilled woodworkers stood against the streamlining, and ultimate cheapening of their industry’s handiwork. This “Craftsman Revolution” produced amazing and unique furniture unmatched today. Inscribed on these fine chairs and benches is the Latin phrase translated “Art for art’s sake.” Their goal was to produce their very best products because they could, not necessarily for the almighty dollar…but for the sake of the art itself.

Each of us, having worked in a corporate environment at one time or another, bent our personalities and passions to fit the required status-quo our jobs demanded. Now, inspired by the craftsman revolution, we aspire to rise above the standard and create “Art for the sake of art. Coffee for the sake of coffee.”